Writing Update

In my first post I mentioned that I was working on a writing project. More specifically, I’m writing a novel. I almost said that I’m attempting to write a novel, but that sounds almost like I’m giving myself the option to fail. Which I’m not.

A few details about my project…it is a fantasy novel, with a female heroine. I do not have the book all planned out yet, but I definitely have a few ideas of the direction the book will take in order to get to the ending I have in mind.

I currently have about 9,500 words. My goal is 50,000 words, a number I decided to borrow from NaNoWriMo. I “finished” the first four chapters of the book before I realized that what had happened to the main character did not provide her with enough motivation to keep the story moving. I then started to rewrite what I’d already done. I still have about three pages left to rewrite.

I know that what I did is not the best way to get a first draft done, but I found it difficult to move on without first knowing what had really happened in the beginning. So now, I feel like I’m stuck again. I said I have a few ideas, which I do, but none of them are really what needs to come next in the story. I think what I might need to do next is draw a map of the fantasy world. That might be able to help me define a clear next step to the story.

So, there’s my writing update. And notice that a tag for this post is “project 1.” That’s just optimism that I will actually be able to complete this endeavor and move on to “project 2.”


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