I know I was a bit slow getting around to this book, since it came out in November, but it was worth the wait. In preparation for reading the final book in the Inheritance Cycle, by Christopher Paolini, I re-read the first three books. Reading the entire story from start to finish was definitely time consuming, but worth it since I had forgotten so many of the details. Also, I could definitely see how Paolini has grown as a writer over time, too, especially since he wrote Eragon as a teenager.

Inheritance¬†answered many of the questions I’d accumulated throughout the first three books, but not all. I definitely don’t want to give away any spoilers, and summarizing this huge book would just take too long anyway. So, I’ll make this into a shorter post.

I enjoyed seeing the Roran and Katrina’s life together as a family unfold and how Saphira and Eragon grew up, too. It was nice to finally come face to face with Galbatorix, since he had never actually made a previous appearance. Solembum is only the first of many werecats in the story. And I’m not really sure exactly what it was that the Menoa tree took from Eragon. Oh, and the last of Galbatorix’s eggs finally hatched.

I sincerely enjoy epic fantasy, and although not the best written or the most original, this series has a spot on my bookshelf. My main complaint, and this may be just because I’m a girl, is the ending of the series. It does have an ending, but it is more of an open ending. And really, the ending is perfect because with the characters, it just couldn’t end any other way. I’m just hoping that things happen in the unwritten future that bring certain characters happiness.


Short Story Submission

A few weeks ago, I discovered a short story contest. I wrote a story, but then I chickened out and decided not to submit it. Well, the deadline was extended, until today.

I revised it and finally gave it a title and hit that submit button before I could talk myself out of it. The worst thing that could happen is that I’m down $20 bucks for the submission fee.

Results will be announced within three months, so we’ll see.