Child of the Mist

So, after finishing The Séance, I needed to find another book to read on the plane. I found Child of the Mist, by Kathleen Morgan, as a free e-book that I downloaded to my Nook. I found it very enjoyable, and a good way to pass the time cramped up on a plane like a sardine.

Set in the 1500s in the Scottish highlands, two rival clans are at war. The feud between the Campbells and the MacGregors has been going on for many years, and no one can even remember exactly how it was started. The might Niall Campbell, next in line for clan chief, gets captured by the MaGregors through the work of a traitor in his clan. The MacGregor’s daughter, Anne, uses her skills in healing to nurse him back to health.

As a way to end the feud, Anne’s father proposes that they unite their two clans through marriage. Niall and Anne handfast, as Niall is still in mourning over his late wife. Anne returns with Niall to his castle, making very few friends and encountering more hostility than she had imagined. Amidst all this, she still manages to see through Niall’s gruff exterior and falls in love with the man inside.

The traitor is still in Niall’s midst and he is suspicious of everyone, including his wife. He must consider the possibility that she is in league with the traitor. Meanwhile, Anne’s reputation as a healer has preceded her, and there are those who would see her burn as a witch. With plots against both Niall and Anne, they each are facing many challenges besides that of a new relationship.

Full of action and budding romance, this book was definitely entertaining. Of course, it was entirely predictable, but still well written and interesting. And unlike other free books I’ve downloaded, this one wasn’t full of errors and strange formatting. Must be the difference between self-publishing (Smashwords, etc) and legitimate publishing…


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