New Spring

I’ve been planning on reading The Wheel of Time for a while now, having previously been daunted by the huge investment of time that would be required. I began with New Spring, the prequel to the series.

It seemed like the beginning was a logical place to start, but I really think I might have gotten more out of this book if I’d read the first couple of books in the series first. That being said, I really did enjoy the book.

I liked learning about the Aes Sedai, and their powers and politics. Moiraine and Siuan dominated this book, and I do hope that much more will be revealed about them in the remainder of the series. Having overheard a prophesy about the Dragon Reborn, one who will be able to defeat the Shadow in the final battle, the two sisters leave the White Tower and go in search of this child. During their journeys, they discover that the Black Ajah, a group of the sisters who are pledged to the dark powers, are not a myth, and that they are working quickly in an attempt to kill any man who might possibly be the Dragon. What they don’t know is that he has just been born.

The book lightly touches on Lan and his history, including the fall of the Malkieri. He doesn’t much trust Aes Sedai, but by the end of the book, begins to trust Moiraine as he becomes her bonded Warder. There are subtle hints about a budding romance between the two, so I look forward to seeing just what Robert Jordan has in store for these two characters in the rest of the series.


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