Another Book Tour

Last year, my cousin, Joe, and I traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to attend a reading and signing event with Patrick Rothfuss. It was fun and exciting and I got to get my book signed! So, when Pat announced on his blog that he was coming back to Lexington on his book tour this year, of course I had to go!

The event this year was much bigger. Last year, only about 150 people were in attendance, (which Pat said was his largest group at that point), but this year, I’d guess there were closer to 500 people. Standing room only. But everyone was very curteous and mannerly. About 30 minutes before the starting time, Pat actually came out to sign books for those with small children, or those people who had driven over 2 hours to be there. I thought that was very considerate, especially since I was a bit over that 2 hour mark and was one of the first 10 people in line! Joe and I stood on the upper level and looked down over the railing. Here’a a picture of the crowd, but the camera on my phone couldn’t zoom out enough to capture the entire audience.

The question and answer session lasted quite a while and Pat talked about his first novel he wrote in high school, his son Oot, different gifts he’s received from fans, etc. He even sang a song for us! I Crush Everything, by Jonathan Coulten, is a beautiful song about a giant squid who longs to have love in his life, but the difficulty is literally that he is so large that he crushes everything. Pat also read a humor column that he’d written back in college, showing how he proved that a guinea pig was actually a fish, therefore getting to keep it as a pet in his dorm room.

Overall, it was a very fun evening and hopefully, Pat will come back to Lexington with his future releases.


An Evening with Pat

I’ve been slow about getting this up, but better late than never, right? For the past few months, I’ve been hooked on author Patrick Rothfuss’ blog. While there is not a lot of information regarding book 2, there are many other entries that will have you laughing out loud. (And if you do visit his website, try to refrain from snarky comments about the lack of information about book 2.)

A few entries ago, Pat announced that he was taking a road trip, and that he would be stopping at a few places for readings and book signings. Luckily, one of these events was a mere three hours from where I live! (Being somewhat sarcastic, as I did, briefly, debate attending.) So, on St. Patrick’s Day, I set off for Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington, stopping in Louisville to pick up my cousin, since he is also an avid fan of the fantasy genre. I did force a book upon him, but I don’t believe he has had time to read it yet.

When we arrived, there were probably about 150 people in attendance, which Pat said was his largest crowd to date. He introduced his girlfriend, Sarah, and their son, who is known simply as “Oot” in order for him to maintain some anonymity, and then began the evening taking questions and generally having a friendly conversation with everyone. When it was time for the readings, he read three short pieces, the last being the prologue of book 2, which was very reminiscent of the prologue of book 1.

And then it was time for the book signings. Here is a picture of Pat signing my book.

I let Pat pick a quote for me, and he chose one from Bast. Then, jokingly, I told him that I thought my cousin needed to know those seven words. (In book 1, it is said that there are seven words that will make a woman fall in love with you, but we’re never actually told what those words are.) Here is what Pat wrote in our books.

All in all, it was a very fun evening, even if I did get home at one o’clock in the morning. I hope that Pat will come my way again when The Wise Man’s Fear hits the shelves.