Finally Finished!

I’ve finally finished the rough draft of my novel. (Actually I finished it over a week ago, but due to work, etc., I’ve been a bit too busy to write this post.) It began as a NaNoWriMo project last year, and I made the 50,000 word goal to be considered a winner. However, November 30th was the last day I looked at it….until about three weeks ago. All I had to do was add a few closing chapters to tie up the ends. The rough draft is complete, coming in at about 57,000 words. All it took me was six weeks! Over a stretch of about 10 months….

But I’m quite thrilled with this small accomplishment. Yes, I know the book is pretty much crap, but that’s why it’s called a rough draft! But it is complete in that it has character development and a plot. It needs more work, of course. But as the only person who has read most of it so far has said, “It’s better than some of the crap that’s published.” And I guess that maybe that’s true. It still doesn’t mean I’m sending out query letters though. Just yet. Maybe eventually? Or maybe when I write something better? After all, this is my first novel. I could consider it practice.

Anyway…. The working title is Queens of Winter. I’m not thrilled with this title, but until something better comes along, I’m going to stick with it. As you can probably guess, it’s a young adult fantasy novel. More specifically, a faery novel.

Reagan is looking forward to the summer before her senior year. As a talented dancer, she has been accepted into a summer arts program, along with her best friend Gabe, who is a talented pianist. Finally, she feels as if she is where she belongs. But when she meets one of her dance instructors, Kai, she is immediately attracted to his ethereal grace and captivating dark good looks. All is not as it seems, though. Reagan is really a half-human, half-fey. She is a true faery princess. Her relationship with Kai progresses, but can she trust him? Especially when she discovers that his motive in getting close to her has all been an assignment? Her feelings for him cause her to be led into the dangerous Unseelie Court, where she must discover who she really is if she wants to save herself, and Kai as well.


Day 30

I just crossed the 50,000 word mark! But my story isn’t over. I am determined that I will finish it, but it might have to wait a few days. For now, I think I’ll celebrate by going back to bed, or cleaning the house, (since you know I haven’t done much of that this month), or Christmas shopping, or…..

Day 29

Only about 25 hours remain of NaNoWriMo 2010. After struggling with my word count the past few days, I’ve finally caught up. Today I added 5,042 words, bringing my total up to 49,397 words. I am literally standing at the finish line.

However, while I was writing today, I discovered that my story is far from being finished. There is absolutely no way that I can end it appropriately with only 50,000 words. So, while I do plan on winning NaNoWriMo tomorrow, polishing the ending may have to wait. So, until tomorrow, when I will post my winner’s badge, I’ll leave the following short excerpt:

He marched up to her purposefully, clenching and unclenching his fists. He stared at her, breathing heavily. He knew that if he touched her he might lose his temper, and as angry as he was, he didn’t really want to hurt her, much. She finally raised her eyes, looking into the icy blue madness of his. “What the hell have you done?” he whispered, with as much restraint as he could muster.

Day 28

Still behind on the word count…

After writing today, I have 2,550 new words, and a total of 44,355 words.

Day 27

It’s about five minutes before midnight, so day 27 is almost officially at an end. Today’s word count is 2,459. The grand total is now at 41,805. Not terribly bad for a single day, but I’m still behind…

Day 26


So, the picture basically sums up yesterday (day 26). I only added 639 words, bringing the total to 39,346. I have a feeling tonight will be a long night…

Day 25

Yesterday (day 25) was Thanksgiving, and it was the first day that “winning and verification” was allowed for NaNoWriMo. I’m definitely not close enough to 50,000 words to begin thinking about winning yet, but I did get 886 more words down, brining up the grand total to 38,707. I still have hope.

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