The Promise of an Angel

I just finished reading A Promise of an Angel, by Ruth Reid, another book I won from a Goodreads giveaway. This is a debut novel by this new author, and she is also a full-time pharmacist, which gives me further hope for my future. (Have I ever mentioned that I’m a pharmacist?)

Judith Fischer’s plans for her life basically include marriage and children. She is finally about to turn 19 years old, which is old enough that her parents will allow her to begin courting. On the day that she expects Levi Plank to ask her parent’s permission, her younger brother Samuel falls from the roof of the barn and is injured. Judith sees a strange man by Samuel’s side and later learns that he was an angel. However, no one in her community believes that she has seen an angel, including her own family. No one, that is, except Andrew Lapp, the bishop’s son, who risks being shunned himself by befriending Judith when his father has forbidden that he see her.

The community distances itself from Judith, believing that she is making up stories. However, Judith has faith and is unwilling to tell her community anything other than the truth. Andrew stands by her side and supports her, even at risk to himself. Finally, the bishop is given reason to believe her and Judith gets her happy ending after all.

I’ve always been interested in the Amish. I think I’d enjoy being Amish for a few days, but I’m not sure about a lifetime. I haven’t read much Amish fiction, but I’ve enjoyed what I have read, especially this book. I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for Ruth Reid’s second book in her Heaven on Earth series.