Last fall, I discovered a new author and a theme that was much more original than some of the other stories I’d read lately. I just finished the second installment of Cynthia Hand’s Unearthly series, Hallowed,  which picked up right where Unearthly left off.

Clara is still not sure if she fulfilled her purpose, or if she just screwed it up. She is still with Tucker, and is in love with him, but her feelings for Christian are becoming more undefined. Yes, they are friends, but they seem to be destined to be so much more. Christian is like her, and understands what she is going through.

Much about angel-bloods is revealed in this book, including more information about Clara and Jeffrey’s father. More secrets are revealed, some answers but more questions. Clara also begins to have another vision, which originally, she is unsure if it is part of her purpose or just a glimpse of the future. She is in a cemetery, and as more pieces fit together, she realizes that someone she loves is going to die. As she discovers more, she knows that there is absolutely nothing she can do to change this fact.

I really enjoyed this book, especially the intense emotional scenes that left me crying. If a book can make me cry, I know I’ve found a winner. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the final installment of Clara’s story, due out in about a year from now.




Unearthly, by Cynthia Hand, was a surprisingly great story, and not exactly what I had expected.

Clara Gardener has been having visions of a boy standing in the trees, and of a forest fire that she believes may put him in danger. Knowing that this is the beginning of Clara’s purpose, her half-angel mother packs up Clara and her brother and moves to Wyoming, the setting of Clara’s visions. At her new high school, Clara meets Christian, the boy in her dreams. She also makes other friends and meets another boy, Tucker, who any mother except Clara’s would love.

As Clara learns new things about the angels here on earth, she finds herself in a world she no longer understands. And what’s worse, when the forest fires are raging, she is forced to make a decision between love and duty, a decision that will most likely change her forever.

It’s been a long time since a young adult novel could make me feel a character’s emotions this intensely. And this was such a unique plot, too. For both of those things, I’m grateful. I can’t wait to read the next installment of Clara’s story.

Hush, Hush

Continuing with my YA paranormal romance kick, I read Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick. I’ve read a few differing reviews. It seems like quite a few people have extreme reactions to this book, either loving it or hating it. I really didn’t fit into either category. I liked it better than the last book I read, but I didn’t hate it. I didn’t think it was amazing either, though.

Nora Grey seems like a typical high school girl. She has a boy-crazy best friend, gets good grades, but doesn’t think twice about the boys at her school. Until she is assigned Patch as her biology partner. He has an edge to him, a danger that draws Nora closer. As she begins to see things that aren’t really there, she begins to direct her suspicions at many people around her. Patch must have beaten up a girl she doesn’t like. A new guy at school, Elliott, must have murdered his ex-girlfriend and now is after Nora’s best friend, Vee. It did seem like there was quite a bit going on in the villain department.

Also, there was the whole Twilight theme: I really want to kill you to achieve my own selfish means, but I love you, so I won’t. I want my cake and want to eat it, too!

Anyway, Nora has many questions about Patch’s mysterious past. As she discovers more about him, she is torn between wanting to be with him and wanting to run and hide. Patch is a fallen angel who has aspirations of being human. Killing Nora, a descendent of Patch’s Nephilim (half-fallen angel, half-human) vassal, would provide Patch with the means of attaining humanity. Conversely, if he saves a life, he will gain his wings back, albeit just guardian wings, which would allow him back into Heaven. But Patch’s vassal, Chauncey, has tracked him down and is determined to take his revenge on Patch. He knows that he can’t hurt Patch, so he will take what Patch loves. Nora is then faced with a decision to either die a meaningless death, or give Patch what he has wanted for so long.

Oh, and another pharmacist note. Nora is anemic, but for some reason she doesn’t take an iron supplement everyday. Instead, when she gets dizzy, or stressed out, it’s somehow because of low iron and she pops two iron pills and miraculously feels better. When did iron begin working like Xanax? This detail was ridiculous and irritating. No excuse for this sloppiness and lack of research.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I read it fairly quickly, so I can definitely say it was entertaining. I haven’t decided if I will continue to read the series, but I do believe I’m ready for something a bit more original, though.