My New Mac

A few weeks ago, my husband decided I needed a new laptop. I’m not sure why, probably because mine was more than a year old. He’s like that with electronics. For example, our big screen HD TV is now three years old, so he considers it outdated and wants a new one, specifically a 3D TV. I’d be okay with just getting rid of the TV period, and just having my computer, but that’s just me. He’s definitely the “techie” in the house.

Back to the topic at hand….my new laptop. I mentioned that I thought I’d like a Mac this time, but that I was in no rush. Maybe it could be a Christmas present or something. So, in the next few days, he comes home with a 15 inch MacBook Pro.

After a few days and figuring out a few things, (I had to Google how to right-click), I love my new Mac! I’m still learning and know I’ll figure out things as I go, but so far so good! Also, I downloaded some software, or should I say apps?

I have MacGourmet Deluxe, which allows me to organize my recipes, import recipes from websites and easily enter my old favorites as well as print out recipe cards for friends. I haven’t even begun to enter all my recipes and get rid of all the scraps of paper and index cards I currently have, but that will be an ongoing project.

And the most exciting… I’ve got Scrivener now! Which for those of you who don’t know, is writing software. I imported my 2010 NaNo novel and learned all kinds of things I can do with Scrivener. One of the cool features is that I can compile my novel, complete with a title page, page breaks for chapters, etc., and save it as a PDF file, which makes it much easier to print or share with others. The best part about it is that it actually got me excited to start writing again. 

But more on that later. This post was just supposed to be about the awesomeness of my new Mac. And like I said, I’m still learning. So if anyone out there happens to stumble across this entry and can give me some pointers, leave me a comment. Any advice or suggestions about how to use a Mac, or interesting features or software, would be welcome.