The Poppet and the Lune

It seems like I haven’t had much reading time lately! I just got a promotion, and I’ve been working lots of hours lately too, (96 hours in 10 days…in a row). I am ready for a day off! Anyway, in the few small spare moments I’ve had over the past week and a half, I managed to read another book I won from Goodreads.

I found The Poppet and the Lune, by Madeline Claire Franklin, simply enchanting. It tells the story of the patchwork girl, a being born of a witch’s magic, and her quest to discover her true name and what she really is. Along the way, she meets Faolin, a wereman, (much like a werewolf, except he turns back into a man during the full moon while remaining a wolf the rest of the time). Faolin becomes her traveling companion and friend. His quest is to discover how to be human again.

The patchwork girl and Faolin have a few adventures together. Faolin saves the girl from Father Time, who is attempting to steal some of her memories, and the patchwork girl saves Faolin from Prince Baylis, who is gathering magical beings in an attempt to become one himself. But their greatest adventure of all is discovering themselves and embracing who they are and what that means.

When I was about 50 pages in, I thought that the book read like a self-published novel. It didn’t take me long to determine that that was exactly what it was. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. The story did seem to meander a bit, seeming not to “get to the point.” Some parts of the book could even be short stories in themselves. Also, I wanted a bit more character development. I wanted to care more about the patchwork girl and Faolin. I wanted to experience heart wrenching moments between them as they discovered their relationship.

That being said, I very much enjoyed this book. It was definitely entertaining to read. And I did care about the characters, that’s why I really wanted more from them. I do look forward to any future projects from the author.