Day 2

I was scheduled for 10.5 hours at work today, but ended up working 11 hours. Then after I got home, I had to deal with more work-related issues (phone calls, etc.). No blame at all goes towards the individuals on the other end of the line. ALL the blame is on corporate. Anyway, the point is that I didn’t get to begin my writing time until about 10 o’clock tonight. And I can’t stay awake much longer because I have to get up early tomorrow morning.

So I’ll just post my word count and call it a night. 367 new words, bringing the total to 2,073. Yep, already behind.


Day 1

I had to work today. At my real job. The one that actually allows me to bring home the paycheck. I really hate being at that place. And so, as a result, I didn’t have all day to write or to agonizeĀ over beginning my novel. However, I did exceed the daily word count goal of 1,667, having completed 1,706 words today.

I have another long work day tomorrow, so instead of staying up all hours of the night, I’m going to bed now and hoping I can really make some progress this weekend on my days off.