Unforgettable Embrace

I recently entered a giveaway on goodreads for the book¬†Unforgettable Embrace,¬†by Joanne Clancy. I did not win, but the author contacted me to see if I would be interested in a free e-book version in exchange for a review. I liked what I’d read about the book, so I accepted her offer and added it to my Nook book collection, (definitely nice to have since I was traveling last week).

Rachel Jenkins has become bored with her monotonous, predictable life with her boyfriend of 14 years. Even though it is a comfortable relationship, there is something missing. Rachel ends the relationship and embarks on her own path to self-discovery and happiness.

She sells her apartment, purchasing an RV, which she uses to travel to all parts of Ireland. Along the way, she meets some interesting people, one specifically. Batt immediately captures her attention and makes her rethink being single. A bit flustered by her mixed feelings, Rachel heads back home to Cork to spend time with her best friends, helping one of them plan her wedding.

Rachel keeps in touch with Batt, but is convinced that she doesn’t want to be more than friends, but when she sees him again on New Year’s, that changes, and she knows she loves him and wants to be with him.

Later on, the three friends, along with Rachel’s sister, fly to England for a weekend “hen party.” There, Rachel receives a text message from Batt that she misinterprets. Convinced he is seeing someone else, Rachel behaves badly, making out with Scott, a random man she meets in a restaurant/bar. When she is no longer intoxicated, she regrets her actions, but still responds to a few of Scott’s increasingly insistent text messages, hoping he will get the hint.

She confesses to Batt, and again, they become a bit estranged, but her friend invites him to the wedding anyway. And of all surprises, Scott shows up at the wedding too! When Rachel spurns Scott’s advances, things quickly become scary.

Of course, as predicted, everything turns out fine in the end. Rachel’s friend is happily married and Rachel gets the guy as well.

When I read this, I was looking for a mindless, enjoyable read, as I was on a plane for several hours, etc. For the most part, it hit the spot. However, while Rachel was traveling over Ireland, the descriptions and events described were quite excessive and boring, as was the discussion concerning Hawaii, (her friend’s honeymoon location). Definitely in need of some editing! However, I did enjoy the Irish slang and the way they spoke of certain things.

Maybe this was just with the e-book format, but it was hard to follow conversations when there were multiple people involved, as there were not paragraph breaks for each person’s dialogue, as there should have been. Instead, there were multiple people speaking within the same paragraph! Also, Rachel’s brother’s name was spelled different ways throughout the story, as “Jo” and “Joe.” This, and other similar errors, was very distracting.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, even though it meandered in parts. It was a light read, which was what I was looking for at this time as well. I just wish there had been more attention to detail and much more editing.