A friend gave me a copy of Acheron, by Sherrilyn Kenyon, a few months ago, insisting that I read it. I’d heard good things  about this author, mainly from the person who gave me the book, but still had a few qualms about reading it. Mainly, that it was a book that was listed as being in the middle of a series. And who wants to start a series in the middle? I was told that the book could stand alone, and really, it could be viewed as the first book in a way, too, so I got over my indecision and finally read it. It was amazing.

This book is a part of the Dark-Hunter series, and even though I don’t exactly know all that this title entails, it is about the leader, Acheron, and his beginnings. Essentially, the book is two stories in one.

The first part tells of how Acheron was a god born in human form about 11,000 years ago. Inspiring the fear and hate of his human family, except his sister Ryssa, he was sent to his uncle’s estate in Atlantis, where he was used as a sex slave and abused in every way imaginable. Finally, he is “rescued” from this prison, exchanging it for another. The only real love he knows is that of his sister, and it is not enough. A goddess, Artemis, notices him, and “befriends” him. However, their friendship doesn’t last long, deteriorating into the master-slave relationship that is really all Acheron has ever known. Even after he discovers that he is a god, with powers of his own, Artemis won’t openly claim him, still treating him as a whore, not allowing him to escape his past.

The second part of the story takes place mainly in present day New Orleans. Here, Acheron, or Ash as he now goes by, is shown to be the leader of the Dark Hunters. There is a scientist, Dr. Soteria Kafieri, known as Tory, who is on the verge of discovering Atlantis. She has found some artifacts, one of which is one of Ryssa’s journals. Knowing that the contents of his sister’s journals would expose him and bring to light all he has tried to keep hidden in the past, Ash publicly humiliates her and belittles her discovery and theories. A turn of events quickly reunite the two, and Tory and Ash fall in love. But loving a god, with a jealous goddess mistress, doesn’t come without risk and strife. But ultimately, their love prevails, and Tory acquires more-than-human powers herself. 

After reading Acheron, I’m definitely interested in reading the rest of the Dark-Hunter (and Dream-Hunter) series. But this time, I think I’ll start with book number one…