The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

The new Stephenie Meyer novella came out earlier this month. I’ve been a bit too busy to read it the day it was released, but I was definitely excited to read it. I’ll be even more excited next week when Eclipse is out in theaters. 🙂

Bree Tanner was first introduced in Eclipse. She is a member of the newborn army that Victoria created in an attempt to destroy Bella and the Cullens. In Eclipse, we only get to see Bree and the newborns from Bella’s point of view. This novella was told in first-person, from Bree’s point of view. The author definitely succeeds in educating the reader about newborn vampires and providing details regarding what else is going on that leads up the fight scene at the end of Eclipse and at the end of this book.

I definitely felt empathy for Bree. Not knowing why she was created, she does her best to survive in a tough environment, volatile with about 20 other newborn vampires. Every day there is fighting and some lose limbs or their lives. However, Bree and her friends, Diego and Fred, are smart and learn that something is definitely going on. Riley, the one who carries out instructions from her, has been lying to them, but why? Finally, Riley reveals that they have an enemy, a weaker coven of yellow-eyed vampires, who even keep a human girl as a pet. This coven wants to take back Seattle as their hunting ground, but they must be stopped. Riley goes on to tell Bree that Diego has gone on ahead and will be waiting for her when they attack. But this is another lie, as she figures out what really happened between Riley and Diego.

Following behind the others, Bree finds herself in a clearing, facing the yellow-eyed coven. There is a pile of burning ashes and limbs from those of her own coven strewn everywhere. Bree actually finds herself relieved to see this. When one of the yellow eyes comes for her, she surrenders and tells him that she doesn’t want to fight. He and a female speak to her with more kindness than she’s known in her short vampire life, and she finds herself drawn to them and wanting to belong.

Then the Volturi arrive. I believe we all remember what happens to Bree at that point. The Cullens must protect their own family above a stranger that they just met. Bree remembers that there was a mind reader in the group and tries to project her thoughts to him, thanking him for avenging Diego and his family for attempting to save her. The last line in the book is “I closed my eyes.”

This book is definitely a nice addition to the Twilight Saga, and I found myself sorry that Bree’s life ended the way it did. Even in the introduction, Stephenie Meyer stated, “The closer I got to the inevitable end, the more I wished I’d concluded Eclipse just slightly differently.”